Duration: Full Day (8 hours)

Price: £350

Booking: dan@danharleyphotography.com


I'm Dan & I'm a SONY nominated photographer, videographer & fashion show producer.

During this full day, one to one masterclass, we will cover the fundamentals of Exposure Control, Focus Control, White Balance, Composition & Framing.

We will shoot lots of 'in the field' examples of each aspect of camera control, learn how to adapt to a variety of shooting & lighting conditions & adjust the camera to get the desired result for each image we want to create.

This masterclass is tailored to your bespoke shooting requirements so that you can take full creative control of exactly what you want to shoot. This is a deep dive into exactly what makes a compelling photograph. We will take a huge amount of images to demonstrate & refine the process of creating striking images that you will want to look at again & again rather than having thousands of images stored on your hard drive that you'll never look at again.

I will share with you everything I have learned about setting up a shot or grabbing the best shot for the conditions in that moment & importantly, how to tell an engaging story with your image making.

This is a densely packed masterclass for those who really want to understand the whole approach to capturing striking images.

Email: dan@danharleyphotography.com to book


Duration: 1.5 Hours (via Zoom)

Price: £40

Booking: dan@danharleyphotography.com

In this workshop you will learn:

Exposure Control

Focus Control

White Balance

Composition and Framing


I'm Dan & I'm a SONY nominated photographer, videographer & fashion show producer.

During your online DSLR workshop with me, I will teach you the same techniques & core principles I have used on some of the world's biggest fashion runways, as well as a whole host of other settings.

Using those same techniques & core principles, I will teach you how to easily make the creative choices you want to get the the shot you need in any photographic scenario.

I still remember learning the principles of exposure years ago, as well as the overwhelming amount of possible camera functions - the books I read were usually overcomplicated & abstract so I have come up with a series of unique analogies to simplify the whole process - I look forward to showing you that it really is a lot easier than you think!

Email: dan@danharleyphotography.com to book (max class size: 4 people)

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