DSLR Workshops at Old Spitalfields Market

I teamed up with Old Spitalfields Market & Obby.co.uk in summer 2018 & have been running regular Digital Photography Workshops since then, on site at the iconic Old Spitalfields Market

We run a Digital Photography Workshop to show you how to use your camera in full manual mode & Portrait Workshop to show you how to take great Portraits

You can Email me directly on dan@danharleyphotography.com or click the link below & choose the date that works best for you:

I look forward to seeing you at Old Spitalfields Market!

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The Portrait Workshop

On this workshop, you'll learn how to shoot posed portraits.

I'll show you how to interact with your subject to get them comfortable to give you the 'look' you're after or get them to work with you so you can figure out what that 'look' is as you shoot.

You'll learn how to use natural light & artificial light to light your portraits & I'll show you how light placement can have a dramatically different effect on the mood of your portrait depending how you use it & where you place it

We'll be using a couple of LED lights & reflectors to demonstrate different 'looks' & I'll also show you a few of my favourite setups using combinations of natural & artificial light sources.

You will be taking lots of photographs during this workshop & will have lots of examples in your camera to use as reference points for your own future portrait shoots including photographs of each lighting setup so you can easily re-create specific 'looks' that you liked.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Portrait Workshop at Old Spitalfields Market!

You should take The Digital Photography Workshop first or be familiar with what we cover on that workshop before taking this workshop.

£55 per person for a 2 hour class (max 10 students per class)

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The Digital Photography Workshop 

During this workshop i will teach you how to have full 'Manual' control of your camera so you can have full Creative Control of your image making - I will teach you the same techniques i have used on some of the world's biggest fashion runways & using those same principles, once you know the functions of your camera, you can easily make the creative choices you want to get the shot you need in whatever situation you find yourself

We will cover Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Focus, Depth of Field White Balance & Composition
If it sounds complicated i have some good news for you; It's a lot easier than you think!

£35 per person for a 2.5 hour class (max 10 students per class)

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